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International Hoya Association
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   This is the "Top Level" web page for additional information on club benefits, membership, club publications, club officers, and soon a "Members Forum". We felt it would be easier and faster, for our members and visitors to find the information they are looking for with the ability to click directly on links to specific information they are looking for, rather than having to read an entire twenty (20) fold (page) web site.

   To that end, this "Club Information" category currently includes the following sub-categories, which may be accessed directly from any page within our web site by simply hovering your cursor over the index buttons and waiting for the sub-directory fly out menu to appear.

  • Club Benefits - Information on club benefits.

  • Club Publications - Available to Purchase.

  • Applications - Club Memberships Currently On Hold!

  • Our Officers - List of current Association Officers.

  • Member Forum - Membership Forum (Blog) currently in design stage and looking for a club member to administer it (that is review and approve postings before they publish on the web site). While the page will be semi-automated, we want to keep it hobby specific and don't want profanity, links to x-rated content, etc. to be posted. They only way to prevent this is with a dedicated club member to audit the postings.


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